Will the MX183 work with a wireless system or is it phantom powered?

Date Updated: June 20, 2018 FAQ #710
I am slightly confused as to wheather the MX183 is phantom powered or not. I need to buy a lavalier mic for Church use but would like to go wireless at a later stage using the same mic. If it is possible could you tell me if it could be wireless compatible. The mic will be used on a stage. Would the SM11 or the SM93 be up to a similar task?

The MX183 requires phantom power to operate. The microphone portion can be disconnected from the in-line preamp and used on a wireless bodypack transmitter. The bodypack transmitter with the four pin Tini QG input will work with the MX183.
The SM93 requires phantom power to operate. It will also work with the bodypack transmitter.
The SM11 is not a good choice for your requirements.