Why does the AES67 tab not show up?

Date Updated: June 6, 2019 FAQ #5483

I'm using the MXA910 or MXW and AES67. In Dante Controller, the AES67 tab does not show up.


Please try the following:

  1. Try toggling "Use shared Dante Interface" in Dante Controller's Choose Interface window. This is found by clicking the "Choose a Dante Interface" button.
  2. If using a 10/100 switch, this issue can appear. Change to a gigabit switch.
  3. Make certain the Shure firmware is up to date. Sole older versions of firmware do not support AES67. 
  4. Reinstall Dante Controller.
  5. Bypass the network switch by connecting the mic directly to your computer using a POE injector (always carry a POE injector in your toolbox). This would show you if the problem is settings on the switch, such as multicast blocking.