Why does the AES67 tab not show up?

Date Updated: October 9, 2019 FAQ #5483
I'm using the MXA910 and AES67. In Dante Controller, the AES67 tab does not show up.

Please try the following:

  1. Try toggling "Use Shared Dante Interface" in Dante Controller's Choose Interface window. This is found by clicking the "Choose a Dante Interface" button.
  2. Ensure the Shure equipment is on the latest firmware, and supports AES67. Not all Shure products support AES67--the User's Manual will tell you if it is supported.
  3. Ensure that your network switch is not on the Shure or Audinate disqualified lists:
  4. If using a 10/100 switch, this issue can appear. Change to a Gigabit switch. 10/100 switches are not recommended for AES67.
  5. Bypass the network switch by connecting the mic directly to your computer using a POE injector (always carry a POE injector in your toolbox). If it behaves properly, your switch may be misconfigured. Ensure your network switch is configured properly for IGMP Snooping.
  6. Reinstall Dante Controller.

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