What type of Input connection does the SCM800 have on front panel?

Date Updated: February 23, 2018 FAQ #1749
We have a couple SCM800's in an auditorium. We want to connect some conferencing equipment to one of them temporarily. There is a 1/4" Input jack on the front panel but I can't tell from the specifications (user guide) if this is a balanced TRS type jack or unbalanced (I realize I might have missed something).The conferencing equipment is a Gentner AP800 so we can generate a balanced output.---- 09/26/2001 01:09 PM ----------------------------------------------If we have a mono line level signal from the Output on theGentner should we use a mono 1/4 plug (which would ground theunused right channel) or use a stereo 1/4plug and leave thering open (or connected to ???).Thanks again for your quick answers!

The Aux input on the front panel (and rear panel) is unbalanced. It is wired:
Tip and Ring: resistively isolated, then summed together
Sleeve: ground
It is designed to have a stereo 1/4" connector plugged into it with left on tip, right on ring, and ground on sleeve. The tip and ring are summed together inside the mixer to form a mono signal. This connector is line level.
At 09/26/2001 01:12 PM we wrote - Makes no difference. Using the mono plug will attenuate the signal slightly, maybe 1 dB or so. Use whichever wiring scheme is easier.