What does SW6000 allow me to do?

Date Updated: October 1, 2019 FAQ #5898


What does SW6000 allow me to do?


SW6000 allows for conference and meeting configuration with MXC or DCS6000 conference systems. Popular functionality includes: 

  • Microphone management in multiple modes, with list of speakers, requests to speak, and requests to reply
  • Control of participant login modes, including PIN code or chip-card registration
  • Management of participant profiles including name, title, role, permissions, etc.
  • Multi-level agenda with linked documents and web links
  • Mimic / synoptic room diagram for microphone control, attendance, and voting
  • Voting control management (3-button or 5-button)
  • Messaging between conference chairman, administrator, participants, and interpreters
  • Configuration and control of interpretation
  • Support for multi-language software screens
  • Report generation and control of import / export of conference information
  • Control of conferences in multiple rooms from one PC