Vintage Mics replacement parts

Date Updated: September 20, 2018 FAQ #1103
I recently purchased a Shure 737A crystal microphone. The case was in very good shape. What I need is some help on replacing the crystal element. I realize you don't make this element anymore. I was hoping another crystal element could be substituted in its place. I also need the screws for the case. I believe they are the same screws that go in the 55SH II.If you can't supply the element, do you have any idea where I might get an element that will work.I would appreciate any help you could give me. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Sorry, Shure does not have the parts for repair of very old microphones. Discontinued product data sheets can also be downloaded on the Shure web site.
Here is a list of people who collect old microphones and they may know where to get parts.
Jim Webb
Van Nuys, CA
(818) 769-6738
Bob Paquette, Sr.
Select Sound
Milwaukee, WI
(414) 645-1600
Ed Crockett
Vintage Electronics
Hattiesburg, MS
(601) 264-4755
Sells old parts and phono stylus'
Stan & Bob's Mic Collection
Jerry Cubbage
Coast Recording
Hollywood, CA
(213) 462-6058
Tom Ellis
Tom's Mics
Dallas, TX
Tel. (214) 328-3225
Fax (214) 328-4217
Specializes in vintage microphones for harmonica and other instruments. Carries old Shure models like the 707, etc. Also carries pre-made Amphenol to XLR mic cables!
Bill Zukowski
Jackson, NJ
Ham Kirkland
(Harmonica Ham) Kansas
(913) 268-3432
Specialty is Crystal Mics
Ekkehart Willms
Redwood City, CA
Phone (after 6pm or weekends)/Fax (anytime): (650) 571-9070
Old mics for sale, Restoration or repair services
James U. Steele
Kingsland, GA
Work: (912) 729-1063
Home: (912) 729-2242
Has parts for some old mics and links to other personal mic web pages on his web site.