V15HR-P Replacement stylus

Date Updated: August 25, 2017 FAQ #1475
Can you suggest a compatible replacement stylus for a Shure V15HR-P cartridge?

Your cross reference chart indicates there is no direct replacement or performance upgrade stylus available. Should I consider purchasing another cartridge?

The VNHR-P. Please see our online stylus cross reference at the following link:
Cartridge/Stylus Cross Reference
Replacement stylus can be purchased from the Shure Parts Department at 847-600-8699 or 800-516-2525.
If your question is "Which phono cartridge fits my turntable", please see the following link:
Cartridge Selection
Call Shure Parts at 800-516-2525 and find out if any replacement styli are still in stock. If none remain, consider replacing the entire unit.