Using other Receivers to Monitor PSM

Date Updated: July 31, 2007 FAQ #791
I'm running different mixes on different frequencies, even combining some PSM 600's with PSM 700's. Is it possible to monitor these transmissions with a non-Shure radio scanner that would pick up the necessary frequencies between 600-800 MHz, so that I could easily switch between the different feeds? Would it sound OK on the scanner or would I only get scrambled static or distortion?

A great question...with no answer. A scanner will not work because the PSM transmits a multiplexed stereo signal; a scanner cannot properly demodulate a stereo FM signal. You would hear audio but it would sound funny. A PSM 700 receiver could be used for the PSM 700 transmissions, but tuning will be awkward.
What you require is a interesting niche product no company is making. Let us know if you find a device, or if you start making one yourself!
Also, check out: They offer a PC based spectrum analyzer that will demodulate the PSM transmission as a mono signal with fair fidelity.