Using a PSM300 device with a PSM900 device and vice versa

Date Updated: April 1, 2015 FAQ #4642
Can I use a P3T transmitter with a P9R receiver? What about a P9T transmitter with a P3R receiver?

While PSM300 and PSM900 use similar companding and RF transmission schemes, we do not recommend using them in a "mixed" configuration where you are using a PSM300 transmitter with a PSM900 receiver or vice versa. This is not recommended for the following reasons:
1)     The bands  (i.e., tunable ranges) for PSM300 and PSM900 do not completely overlap giving the user very limited tuning range in many cases.
2)     PSM300 works only on a group and channel map format and cannot be tuned manually by frequency. Also, the group and channel maps between PSM300 and PSM900 are different so finding a frequency in PSM300's group and channel map and matching that frequency with a valid PSM900 frequency may be difficult.
3)     PSM300 and PSM900 both have scan-and-sync capabilities, but the sync protocols between each system is different so you cannot sync an intermix of these two systems making that key feature unavailable. This will complicate the process of scanning for open frequencies using the relevant receiver's group and channel scan features.