Update Utility Stuck in "Discovering" or device not showing up

Date Updated: December 4, 2018 FAQ #5426
I'm trying to update the firmware on MXW. The products show up fine in the Discovery App, but in the Update Utility, they just say ""Discovering"".

This symptom can be caused by a couple different things.

  1. Restrictive firewall settings. You may need to allow the Shure Update Utility through the firewall on your computer. On Windows, go to Control Panel, then open Windows Firewall. Click "Allow an App or feature through Windows Firewall" in the upper left corner, scroll down to Shure Update Utility, and check all the boxes. If you can't check the boxes, you may need to click the Change Settings button above first. On a Mac, go to System Preferences, and open the Security pane. Click the lock at the bottom and enter your password. Select the Firewall tab, and click the Add Application button. Add the Shure Update Utility, and click OK.

  2. Mismatched subnets. Ensure that the Shure product you are trying to connect to is on the same subnet (IP address range) as your computer. The easiest way to do this is to connect the Shure device directly to the computer's ethernet port, and set both devices to Automatic (DHCP) mode. If you need to use manual IP addresses, ensure that the subnet mask is the same for both the computer and the device, For example, if the subnet mask of your computer is and the subnet mask of the device is, you need to change one to match the other. Also ensure that the IP addresses are within the same range (e.g., for a subnet mask, the first three groups of digits must match).

  3. Incorrect network adaptor selected. Make certain you have the correct Network adapter selected in Shure Update Utility. In the Shure Update Utility, click on the Tools menu and select "Preferences". Click on the "Network" tab. Make certain the correct NIC is selected. This should usually be the Ethernet port.

  4. Connecting
    via WiFi. We do not recommend updating the firmware on Shure devices via
    WiFi, as this increases the risk of a failed firmware update. Always
    update firmware via an Ethernet connection.

  5. Bonjour not installed or running. If you see an error related to Bonjour, go to Windows Services and ensure the Bonjour service is installed and running. If it is not installed, you should download and install the latest version from Apple's website.

  6. Incorrectly configured Multicast settings on the switch. On some professional switches, it is possible that the multicast configuration is blocking Bonjour traffic. We recommend connecting directly to the device in question using an Ethernet cable or an unmanaged switch if you are experiencing problems.