ULX-D transmitter FPGA error

Date Updated: May 2, 2019 FAQ #5461
I have an issue with my ULXD1. Whenever the transmitter is turned on now, the FPGA ERR! stays up on the display. Is there any way to reset the transmitter or update the firmware?

If the unit is in the G50, H50, J50 or L50 band, there should be a way of reviving this unit. In short....we will be reverting the firmware of the receiver to a previous version(1.5.6) while leaving the current transmitter firmware (2.x.x) still hosted in the receiver. Here are the steps

  1. Download and install the Shure Update Utility.
  2. Download firmware version 1.5.6 for the proper receiver that you have. This will be either ULXD4 single, ULXD4D Dual or ULXD4Q Quad.
  3. Use a standard Ethernet cable to connect your Mac/PC directly to the network port of the ULXD receiver
  4. Run Shure Update Utility and go to the program network preferences to select the network card which is connected to your ULXD. If the IP address schemes do not match, you will need to try putting both the ULXD and PC/Mac into "Auto IP" or "Obtain an IP automatically" modes so they fall back to 169.254.xxx.yyy; address ranges so they can talk with each other. If they still do not appear, try and make certain that Shure Update Utility is allowed through all domains of your computer firewall.
  5. Once you can get the ULXD receiver to appear, import the 1.5.6 receiver firmware that you downloaded in step #2. You can do this through the firmware tab within Shure Update Utility or by simply copying the 1.5.6 firmware pack file directly into the "Documents/Shure/Firmware" folder on your Mac/PC and then restarting the Shure Update Utility
  6. Once the firmware is successfully imported, double-click in the column called "Version to Install" for the ULXD receiver and select version 1.5.6 in the drop down. Click out of that drop down and the box on the right should check on its own. Then click on Send Update towards the bottom right of the window to begin reverting the receiver.
  7. Once this completes and the receiver reboots, turn on the ULXD1 with the FPGA error. Then navigate on the ULXD receiver menu to "Device Utilities => TX FW Update". At this point the ENTER button on the receiver may be flashing green. Even though v1.5.6 is on the receiver, you will be sending the latest firmware to the transmitter.
  8. Line up the IR window of the ULXD1 with the IR window of the ULXD receiver. It is often better to see if you can do this by leaning or propping up the transmitter so it can be completely stationary as you will need to keep the transmitter still for up to about two minutes.
  9. Once everything is lined up and stable, you should see the IR window on the receiver glow RED. Now press the ENTER button and the download of firmware to the ULXD1 should begin and take about two minutes. If it fails or seems to complete after only 30 seconds or so, the update was unsuccessful and you should try again. But eventually this process has recovered FPGA units in the field most every time.
  10. After successfully updating the transmitter, use the Shure Update Utility to update the firmware on the receiver to the latest version.

If this process doesn't seem to work after a few attempts or you find it too confusing, please feel free to contact our Applications Engineering Department at 312-736-6006 (M-F from 8am to 6pm Central) and we will be happy to assist.