UA864US as a PSM transmitting antenna

Date Updated: September 5, 2019 FAQ #4886
Can this unit also be used as a transmit antenna for a PSM in-ear system?

The UA864 is likely not the best option for this though it can technically be used it eh following conditions are met:

  1. UA864US gain switch is ONLY set to 0 dB.
  2. Maximum RF input is 100 mW.

That being said, we would not recommend it as the primary option versus passive antennas such as the passive PA805SWB, UA860SWB,UA8 ½ waves, or the HA-8091 (helical) because of the amount of attenuation that will be incurred and the overall loss of antenna efficiency of the UA864 when used to transmit signal. The range would be severely reduced for whatever PSM system is being used when making this choice versus the other more recommended passive antenna options mentioned earlier.