Stereo pairs using KSM32 or KSM44

Date Updated: April 18, 2019 FAQ #660
KSM44 and KSM32(pair) are both listed under Live Recording and Stereo Pickup/Ambience applications in the on-line Shure Performance and Recording Mic Selection Guide. Why doesn't the word "pair" appear next to the KSM44? Is the KSM44 not recommended for use in pairs?I'm currently using a pair of SM94's for big band live recording and I'd like to improve the quality of the my recordings. I would expect noticeably improved results using SM81s, and even better results when using KSM32s or KSM44s. For my application, I would expect the sound quality differences between the KSM32 and KSM44 to be slight when considering a cardioid pattern. Do you agree?Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated.

You are correct. For a stereo recording, you would need to use a pair of KSM44's. We agree that the difference in sound between the KSM32 and the KSM44 will be slight.
The differences that you hear between microphones is going to depend on your ears, the recording environment and the rest of the recording equipment. Some people will hear a large difference, while others will hear only a minimal difference. It is personal preference as to which microphone you like prefer.