SE215 differences between black cable and clear cable

Date Updated: July 16, 2012 FAQ #4155
I just received a pair of black SE215s and notice that the cable and mold-able portions (that wrap behind the ears) do not seem nearly as durable and malleable--respectively--as the clear version of the same model that an acquaintance of mine owns. Is there a difference in construction between the two?

There is a perceived difference between these two colors of cable.  This is mainly a tactile difference because the clear cable has a little bit of a texture on the surface.  The materials and processes and dimensions for these two cables are identical.  Both of the cables are tested to the same quality standards and one is just as durable as the other.  Also, you will likely notice that the cable will become even more responsive with extended use.  After some period of use, the cables will become more "broken in" to the shapes of your ears, just from being in that same position for extended amounts of time.