Route AES67 streams to MXA910 AEC Reference In

Date Updated: October 9, 2019 FAQ #5905
How to Route AES67 streams from QSC Core to the MXA910 AEC Reference In

How to Route AES67 streams from QSC Core to the MXA910 AEC Reference In

AES67 is a networked audio interoperability standard that enables communication between hardware components which use different IP audio technologies. The Shure MXA910 supports AES67 for increased compatibility within networked systems for live sound, integrated installations, and broadcast applications.

The MXA910 can be configured to send audio via AES67 to a DSP such as the QSC Core 110F. In addition, the MXA910 can be configured to receive AES67 streams from AES67 transmitters to its Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC) Reference In using Dante Controller. In order to route AES67 streams from a QSC Core 110F to the MXA910 you must first enable AES67 on the MXA910. Please follow the instructions in FAQ "MXW - MXA910 enabling AES67" to do so.

Create an AES67 Transmitter block in the QSC Core

Next, create the AES67 Transmitter block within your QSC Core Design. Within the Schematic Design click the "+" sign under Design Elements > Inventory and select AES67 Transmitter. Once it is added to your Default Location, drag the AES67 TX block into your schematic design.

Click the component, set the connection mode to "Auto" and set the number of channels to be sent from the Core to your MXA910. Connect the audio outputs from the signal to be used as the "far end reference" to the input of the AES67 Transmitter block. Save to the design to your Core and Run.

Configure the AES67 Transmitter block

In Q-SYS Designer, select File > Load from Core & Connect. Load your design and click on the AES67 Transmitter block to open its view. Note that Q-SYS has automatically assigned an IP address of to the component.

It is recommended to configure a manual address on this transmitter block to maintain unique IP addresses when using multiple AES76 Transmitter blocks and to maintain connectivity of routes in Dante Controller if the Core reboots. Open the block and fill in the last two octets of the IP address. Document this address once it is set as to not duplicate address

Route AES67 Tx to the MXA910 AEC Reference In

In Dante Controller you should now see the AES67 transmitter on the top row in blue with the name of your QSC Core AES67 stream. Route this stream to your MXA910's "AEC Reference In" using the transmitter to receiver cross points. Congratulations! You have now routed AES67 audio from your QSC Core to the MXA910.

Note: If Dante Controller does not allow you to route AES67 to the AEC Reference In of your MXA910, then it is possible that AES67 is not enabled yet on your MXA910.