Replacement Stylus for Different Brands

Date Updated: April 18, 2019 FAQ #662
I'm an avid phonographic fan. I have a collection of Turntables Ranging from a 1940's Collaro and a Garrard to a mid 80's Technics SL-5 and AKAI APB 20C. The replacement styli for the former two are not clear and I have replaced them with two commonly available cartridges and they work fine.For the Technics Player the Replacement Stylus is EPS-24CSFor the Akai Player the Replacement Stylus is AKAI RS-90Can you please tell me whether I can replace them with some matching SHURE Magnetic Styli so that I can go on for a long time without changing the Stylus?Usually with a SHURE Stylus how long can you go on without a change provided you take care of them as specified? ( In years or sides of Records)What will be the Cost of matching SHURE Stylus?

Thank you for your inquiry concerning Shure phonograph products.
Shure styli will only fit Shure cartridges. So we cannot recommend a substitute Shure stylus for either of your cartridges. You might consider replacing your existing cartridges with Shure product.