Removing earphone sleeves

Date Updated: April 24, 2019 FAQ #3582

I just purchased Shure earphones. What is the procedure to remove the flexible sleeves?


Shure earphones are packaged with sleeves on the stems. During periods of storage and shipping, the sleeves can adhere to the stems. Given the choice between a sleeve that is difficult to remove and a sleeve that easily comes off, the difficult-to-remove sleeve is preferred so that it does not accidentally detach and remain in the ear canal.
Please try the methods below and in this order:
Method 1: Most of the time, it will work best to get a finger nail behind the sleeve and pull the sleeve off the stem. "Walk" the sleeve off the stem by moving the fingernail from one side of the stem to the other. While pulling upward with the fingernails, rotate the earphone with the other hand.

Method 2: Use a shirt, a towel, or paper towel to securely grasp the sleeve. Twist and pull the sleeve away from the nozzle while gently rocking the sleeve from left to right.
Method 3: Place the earphones in the freezer overnight. The plastic will shrink slightly and break the adhesion between the sleeve and the nozzle. The cold temperature will not damage the earphones. Be careful: Do not break off the earphone nozzle.
Method 4: This method will ruin the flexible sleeve.  Use a staple remover.  Clamp it around the flexible sleeve and gently pull upward. The earphone stem is small enough to fit the gap in the middle of the staple remover jaws.
Try method 1 first. Method 2 and Method 3 have a risk of breaking the earphone nozzle. Thus, we strongly recommend method 1.
If these methods do not work, contact Shure Service for replacement/repair.