Recording a British Brass Band

Date Updated: October 17, 2017 FAQ #3907


I want to record a live concert of our British style brass band. 10 cornets, flugehorn, Eb Alto Horns, Trombones. Baritones, Euphoniums, Tuba and Percussion. In all 26 brass players. From the recording I want to create CDs initially for the bands use, but in the future to create a CD for sale to the public. I've spent hours on searching webpages and I'm not finding much help. I have an iMac with Garage Band. It has been suggested to purchase a Zoom H2. I'm considering a Zoom H4n because from what I read, the mics should be placed up high in order to capture the whole band and not just the front row instruments. The Zoom H4n has 2 inputs for mics. Most data on mics I've finding is all directed to rock bands.


There is no simple answer as miking techniques for recording are more art than science, plus the acoustics of the recording space have a large effect on the recording.

As a starting point, refer to this booklet:

I recommend a basic, two mic stereo technique, using the Shure A27M adapter. Mic models to consider (from $ to $$)