Putting an XLR on the Green Bullet

Date Updated: July 8, 2014 FAQ #1905
I'm interested to know if I can remove the 1/4" pin off the end of the cable and install an XLR connector to the cable. I have removed the shield from the 1/4" pin to find only 2 of the 3 wires are connected (black open).1. Can this be done?2. Do I have to connect any wires internally in the mic? Looking at the booklet that comes with the mic, it looks to be already wired.3. Will this affect the impedance going to an XLR connector?4. The reason for doing this mod is to plug direct into the sound board.Thanks in advance

1) Absolutely. There are a red and black wire in there. You might have to cut back the insulation a bit to find the other wire. See the following link for a wiring diagram:
520DX rewired solution for low impedance
2) Yes. See the above link for a wiring diagram.
3) It needs to be rewired for low impedance. See the above link for a wiring diagram.