PA421A comparison to PA411

Date Updated: October 20, 2014 FAQ #4557
Please compare the PA421A RF combiner with the less expensive PA411 RF combiner.

PA421A Bandwidth: 470 - 952 MHz
PA411 Bandwith: 470 - 865 MHz
PA421A Nominal Input Power: 20dBm / 100 mW
PA411 Nominal Input Power: 15dBm / 30 mW
PA421A Absolute Maximum Power Input: 24dBm / 250 mW
PA411 Absolute Maximum Power Input: 20dBm / 100 mW
* With the PA411, 50 mW is the specified maximum input in order to minimize unwanted IMD frequencies.  30mW is recommended as this will provide headroom. 
PA421A DC Supply to PSM Transmitters: Four DC coax jacks/ports
PA411 DC Supply to PSM Transmitters: One DC coax jacks with supplied four plug break-out cable (PS411-PC)
PA421A Cascade RF Port: Yes
PA411 Cascade RF Port: No
* It is not recommended to combine the RF outputs of two PA411 units using a passive combiner like the UA221.  The radiated RF power will be noticeably reduced with this method.

PA421A Power Supply: Internal
PA411 Power Supply: External