P9RA versus P9R - what are the differences?

P9RA versus P9R - what are the differences?

Date Updated: April 4, 2017 FAQ #3952
What are the primary differences between the P9RA and the original P9R?

Introduced in October 2011 and replacing the P9R, the P9RA has new features and improvements:

  1. Improved separation in Mix Mode: Channel to channel separation in P9RA Mix Mode is approximately 60dB.  In the P9R, it was 22 dB.

  2. Additional gain setting: The P9RA has two settings - Standard and High. High offers 10dB more gain than Standard. High gain on P9RA is the same as the P9R default gain.

  3. New enclosure:  The P9RA enclosure is based on the P10R.  This allows the P9RA to use Shure rechargeable battery packs and chargers.

  4. User adjustable RF pad:  The P9RA has an adjustable RF attenuator/pad. This feature prevents the RF amp from overloading due to excessively strong RF signals. Use of the RF pad will typically reduce the operating range.

  5. "Restore all":  The P9RA has a "restore all" feature that provides a quick and easy way to revert to factory default settings.

  6. Knob detents: The P9RA has knob detents like P10R. It also has a smaller knob like P10R.