P-popping with MX gooseneck mic

Date Updated: September 10, 2019 FAQ #4061


We have approximately 50  Model MX412D/S microphones we use for our battle command.  We currently receive a lot of P-popping sounds when speakers talk.  Normally they sound clear, but occassionally they "pop" a lot when spoken into.  Is there a reason why?  Any suggestions?  As I mentioned...they do sound clear overall when doing mic checks/common use.


The "P-popping" is called a plosive;  it originates from a blast of air that hits the mic element.   The "S" element being used (supercardioid) is very sensitive to plosives.

Idea #1:   To reduce the plosive without changing the mic element, add a Shure windscreen model A99WS or A412MWS.

Idea #2:  Remove the "S" mic element (it unscrews) and replace with the model R183B - omnidirectional element.   Add the A99WS and the mic will be be 99% free of plosives.    There may be an increase in background noise using the R183B, so I recommend trying it on one mic only as an experiment.

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