One ULX-D Transmitter to Multiple ULXD4 Receivers

Date Updated: August 1, 2014
Can multiple ULXD4 receivers receive a signal from one ULXD microphone simultaneously?  I need to distribute audio via wireless to multiple users - the in-house sound reinforcement system and a mobile A/V recording cart.

It is possible to use multiple ULXD4 wireless microphone receivers to simultaneously receive the signal from one ULX-D wireless microphone. This configuration may be useful when it is necessary to feed audio to multiple A/V functions, and running wires is not feasible. Here are some rules to observe:
1. One of the ULXD4 receivers should be designated as primary, and if needed, used to scan for a clear frequency.
2. Once a clear frequency is found, the primary receiver should be sync'd to the microphone transmitter. This will load the operating frequency into the transmitter.
3. Manually program the frequency into the additional ULXD4 receivers. Instructions are in the ULX-D User Guide, which is available to download on the Shure website.
4. As needed, adjust the audio gain control on each receiver to an optimum setting - observe the audio level displayed on the audio meter on the front panel of the receiver. A setting of +10 is recommended as a starting point.