OEM microphone for Revere Camera Company or Wollensak

Date Updated: March 10, 2017 FAQ #4593
Did Shure make an OEM microphone for Revere Camera or for Wollensak?

Yes.  The model was C-24-162-1.  Manufactured in the 1950s, it had a rectangular, beige case with a perforated, matching metal grill.  There was an attached cloth-covered cable that terminated in a male tip-sleeve 1/4" phone plug. The tip-sleeve section was only 22 mm in length, shorter than a standard 1/4" male phone plug. Two flat-head screws on the rear panel fastened the front panel. 
This mic was sold by Revere as part of their audio tape recorder product line. Sadly, no specifications are in the Shure Archives.  Based on the "C" in the model number, the internal mic element was likely ceramic or crystal, with an output impedance of 20,000 ohms or greater.
Dimensions: Width 55 mm; Height 75 mm; Depth 38 mm.
There is a 1950s OEM variation: model B-162-4.  This microphone was ivory in color, wide at the bottom / narrower at the top, with a silver perforated grill, and an off-white cable terminated with a right angle, tip/sleeve, phone plug.  It was made by Shure for the Wollensak Optical Company, Chicago Illinois. In the 1960s, Shure manufactured the model B-162-20 for Wollensack 3M Revere. The mic was black with a silver perforated metal grille; a variation of this Wollensack product was the model 162-23.