OEM Microphone Cross Reference

Date Updated: August 27, 2018 FAQ #4401
Does Shure have a cross reference between OEM microphone models and standard Shure microphone models?

The attached PDF provides a method to cross reference between standard Shure microphones and over 300 models of Shure OEM microphones.
Step 1) Locate the OEM model number. Examples are: CB3C, CM1C, CR1A, DY40E, EM8A, TH10.
Step 2) Note the microphone cartridge model number used in the OEM microphone.
Step 3) Find the same microphone cartridge number in the first section of the cross reference which lists the standard Shure microphones. The OEM model should be similar to the standard model because they share the same cartridge.
Example: The OEM model CB10B employed the model R10 cartridge. The R10 cartridge was also used in the standard Shure models 104A and 104B.
* The cross reference sheet was printed circa 1972.

101a 101b 101c 101e 102a 102b 102c 102e 104a 104b 11 103 115 1034 1035 11mc1 12mc1 16p 2 201 202 222 245 2455c 245g 245gs 245s 245sc 2755 275s 275sk 3 300 312 315 315s 51 330 410 415 420 425 430 440 444 450 520 522 3718 3770 377b 401a 401b 404b 404c 4058 405c 405k 405kb 405t 4105 3289000 414a 414b 414c 418a 419a 419b 425g12 425g18 425g6 4305l 430f 430sl 4405l 444t 44t 488a 488b 488c 488t 505b 505c 505k 505kb 505t 5105 510c 510slb 514b 5155a 5155ac 5155b 5155bg18 515c 515sa 515sac 515sb 515sbg18 51omd 51s 51sc 5205l 5205lb 520b 520slb 5335a 5335ac 5335av 5335b 5335bc 533b 533sac 533sav 533savc 533sf 535 537a 5388* 538b 539/ 540 5405c 540s 544 544g12 544g18 544g6 545 5455c 5455d 5455f 545c 545f 545l 545s 546 547 548 54850 5485d 548s 55 549 5505c 550s 555 555w 556s 55a 55b 55c 55s 55sw 55swc 560 560c 561 565 5655c 5655d 565c 565s 565sc 565sd 566 570 570s 571 572g 5745a 5745b 574sa 5755b 5755bc 5755c 575s 576 578 578c 578s 5795b 5805a 5805amp 5805b 580sac 5815a 5815b 581sf 5855a 5855ac 5855av 5855b 5855bc 5855bv 585savc 585sb 5885a 5885ac 5885b 5b44 60204 707a 708a 710a 710s 715 777 7775a 777a 777s 90a1231 90b1235 90b1245 90b567 90c 90c1034 90c1035 940388 94a149a 94a389 94d389 94g223 99a149a 99a405 @ a a22l a22l* a25b a25b* a27l a27l* a2ws a2ws* a34l a34l* a45 a45b a45 a47 a54l* a575 a575* a57c a57l a57l* a57r a57r* a95 ac54 ac54s ac55 ac56 ac56s ac57 ac58 accessories adapter avenue. back be bracket button c10c c11c c12c c134ac c134v c136c c13813 c138e c13911 c139p c139s c139t c139v c14c c15c c16c c17c c18c c20c c21c c22c c23c c24c c25c c26c c27c c28c c3201ta c50 c55 c55p c56 c56p c57 c58 c58p c59 c60 c60p c61 c62 c62p c63 c65 c66 c67 c68 c69 c70 c71 c73 c74 c76 c77 c78 c79 c80 c81 c812m c82 c83 c83p c85 c86 cable cables cannon carrying cartridge cartridges case case. cb10b cb10e cb12 cb12a cb12c cb12d cb12e cb12t cb12w cb15 cb15b cb15c cb15d cb15f cb1o cb20 cb21 cb26 cb3c cb50 cb50a cb8a cb8c cb8d cb9b cb9d cb9g cb9l cbiof cbl0d ccessories cm14a cm14b cm14c cm14d cm14e cm14f cm14g cm16a cm16b cm16c cm16e cm16g cm16h cm16t cm16ta cm16tf cm16tg cm17b cm17c cm17e cm19a cm1c cm41 cm411 cm413 cm41d cm44d cm44e cm44f cm4a cm4c cm4e cm4f cm4g cm4k cm4kb cm4n cm4p cm4q cm4t cm4ta cm4u cm4v cm4w cm4y cm813 cm81d cm8a cm8c cm91 cm911 cm913t cm91d cm9a cm9c cm9e cm9f cm9g cm9n cm9p cm9r cm9s cm9t code connector cr10 cr100 cr10c cr10f cr10g cr10h cr11ar cr11slb cr1a cr1c cr1e cr1g cr1ob cr1oe cr2 cr200 cr205l cr20a cr20b cr20c cr20e cr20k cr20sla cr20slb cr20slc cr20sld cr20sle cr20slg cr20slt cr20sm cr20u cr20ua cr20ub cr20uc cr211 cr213 cr217 cr21d cr21sl cr2c cr2e cr2g cr2oh cr30 cr313 cr3a cr3c cr3e cr3sla cr40a cr41 cr411 cr413 cr41a cr41d cr42 cr4a cr4ab cr4ac cr4c cr4e cr4f cr4g cr4k cr4l cr4m cr4n cr4q cr4r cr4s cr4sp cr4t cr4u cr4v cr4w cr4y cr4z cr5 cr5a cr5c cr5g cr5m cr5n cr6 cr6a cr7 cr8 cr80 cr80a cr80b cr80c cr80d cr80e cr80f cr80g cr80j cr80k cr80l cr80m cr80n cr80p cr80q cr80r cr80s cr80t cr80v cr80z cr81 cr81a cr81c cr81d cr81e cr81f cr82 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