No sound from my turntable

Date Updated: October 22, 2008 FAQ #2357
I have a rather old system that has experienced very little phono use for some time. I recently acquired the ability to record and wish to put some of my "old" vinyl recordings on disc. I was surprised that, when attempting to play some records, there was absolutely no sound at all coming from the phono input. I have a relatively inexpensive Sony PS-FL7 II Automatic turntable. As I remember a while back, the sound was becoming much less dynamic and I began to not listen to my record collection at all. I would like to know if my problem could be a completely "dead" cartridge and, if so, which Shure Cartridge would you recommend to purchase. I did try to connect the phono to a Pioneer 757 integrated amplifier with no luck - absolutely no sound.

The problem could be the cartrdige, but more likely is corrosion in the electrical connections. Clean every electrical connection starting at the cartridge and working toward the receiver.
For info on connection cleaning, see:
If the cartridge is at fault, read below:
Which phono cartridge will fit my turntable?