MX392 versus MX393; MX392 wiring scheme

Date Updated: January 29, 2013 FAQ #2137
What is the difference between the MX392 and MX393? Besides the cable not being terminated, your catalog says logic input/output capability. What does the logic offer me?

The LED on the MX392 can be controlled remotely via two conductors in the MX392 cable.  Orange wire is LED In; Green wire is Logic Ground.  When Orange is connected to Green, the LED will illuminate.  NOTE: The operating voltage/current for the LED is supplied by phantom power...not by the Orange LED In wire.


The switch on the MX392 can provided a TTL signal change at the end of the MX392 cable. White wire is Switch Out; Green wire is Logic Ground.  When the MX392 switch is pressed, the White changes from +5 Vdc to 0 Vdc in relation to the Green.  When the MX392 switch is released, the White changes from 0 Vdc to +5Vdc in relation to the Green.


If neither feature above is of interest, use the MX393.