MV88+ with iPhone while charging

Date Updated: October 7, 2019 FAQ #5891
Is it possible to charge my iphone while using the Shure MV88+ microphone?

Yes. The method we’ve found that works best should be done as follows:

  1. Plug MV88+ directly into your phone and configure the mic in the Motiv Audio/Video app to your preferred settings.
  2. Disconnect the MV88+ from your phone and connect the Apple Lighting to USB 3 Camera Adapter into your phone.
  3. Connect a micro-b to USB cable to the USB port on the Apple adapter.
  4. Connect the apple phone charger to the lightning port on the Apple adapter.
  5. Set up your phone and MV88+ on your tripod and begin filming.

Please note: you will only be able to adjust the gain of the mic during your filming/recording while using this setup.