Mounting 520DX on microphone stand

Date Updated: November 29, 2010 FAQ #902
I recently bought the Green Bullet to use as a secondary vocal mike. The guy at the store said that a mike holder didn't exist for this mike. I've seen a couple of singers use the 520DX live, including the guy from the Toadies. Do these guys have to get one custom made, or does a mike holder exist for the Green Bullet?

1) You can try playing the 520DX in a drink holder mounted to the stand. Contact Lost Country Music at 520-322-5948. A bit of velcro on the mic and drink holder will help secure the mic.
2) The 520DX has a volume control located where, in previous versions, there were threads for stand-mounting of the microphone. However, the microphone can be stand mounted using the shock mount for the KSM27 (part number A27SM). Place the A27SM on the top of any typical microphone stand (note: this tends to work a little better with boom stands) and place it at approximately a 45-degree angle. Thread the microphone cable through the hole in the bottom of the shock mount, and place the microphone in the "cup" at the top and wiggle it just a bit to seat the microphone. The weight of the microphone will keep it in the mount. It won’t lock in place, but should be secure enough providing you don’t kick the stand over! It looks pretty cool, too.
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