Miking a semi-circle of singers for live sound

Date Updated: August 29, 2017
What is a good mic to use for a group of six standing in a semi-circle? This is for singing in a church - live sound.

A semi-circle is difficult as the angle is 180 degrees. Cardioid mics, most often used for live sound, have a 120 degree pickup angle.
To cover 180 degrees and six people, we recommend mounting two identical models of the following mics on a Shure A27M stereo mic adapter (a device that holds two mics on one mic stand):
Best: SM81 or KSM137 
Better: SM94 or SM137
Good: PGA81
Please note that these mics require phantom power for your mixing board. Also note that these mics should be placed no closer that 12 inches to any singer's mouth.