Microphones for trombone and flute

Date Updated: October 16, 2019 FAQ #1754


I double on trombone and flute, and I'm looking for a quality professional mike that will best compliment both instruments. I have been using an SM57 and SM58, but I'm interested in something better. Any suggestions?


To see which microphones we recommend for your application, see our online Which microphone should I use on ... ? (Selection Guides)
All of these will sound different than the SM58/57, and all will sound slightly different than each other. But as sound is subjective, your ear must be the final judge. That is why we suggest you audition the sound of these mics at your local Shure dealer. And use the SM58/57 as your starting point.
Just like you wouldn't purchase a car without first test driving it, you should listen to the different microphones to see which you prefer.
Also, read our online book Microphone Techniques for Music - Sound Reinforcement at Educational Articles - Online booklets and bulletins