Mic element 99H86 for harmonica microphone

Date Updated: September 20, 2018 FAQ #1286
Kindly inform me where to find information of the Shure element 99H86 336. I've a custom built harmonica microphone with this element wich needs to be replaced. Are the still available on the market?

The 99H86 element was last manufactured in 1981. It is no longer available. It was a controlled magnetic element; 14,000 ohms impedance; output level of -54dBV at one microbar.
This mic element was first manufactured in 1948 as the 99A86. It was used for communication grade microphones.
In the current Shure line, the R198 element would be similar to the 99H86, but certainly not a perfect match in sound or size.
We suggest you send an email to harmonica microphone expert, Tom Ellis.