M91ED Cartridge - need stylus

Date Updated: March 2, 2018 FAQ #298
I have a Dual 1218 turntable (circa 1973). It has a Shure M91ED cartridge. I'd like to get a new stylus for it so I can play my records and hopefully transfer them to CD-ROM. Do you still make them? IF so, where can I get one? If not is there a replacement that will fit my turntable?

The N91ED stylus is still offered.
If you are in the United States, you can purchase the stylus directly from Shure by using a credit card. Call 800-516-2525 to get to the Service and Parts Department. Parts will assist you with your order.
Also, any hi-fi dealer in your area that carries Shure phono products can order the N91ED for you.