Live Stereo Recording of opera singers

Date Updated: August 29, 2017 FAQ #2330
I frequently record recitals by classical (operatic) singers accompanied by grand piano. Please comment on your choices for a top-of-the-line system specifying mic selection and placement. Thanks!

1) For mic placement, read the booklets at: Educational Articles - Online Booklets and Bulletins
Or purchase the book: Stereo Microphone Techniques; published by Focal Press
2) Product suggestions for stereo miking set-up:
1 - 15 foot tall mic stand (model S15A)
1 - Stereo mic adapter (model A27M)
2 - shock mounts (model A53M)
2 - flat response condensor mics of the same model (models SM81; or KSM141; or PGA81; depending upon your budget)
3) Or you could consider a one piece stereo mic, like the Shure VP88 and its shock mount the A88SM.
There are lots of choices, and the choices depend upon your budget and what your ear likes to hear.
Personally, I make quite satisfactory recordings with the Shure VP88 connected directly to a Sony mini-disc player with mic level inputs.