Lav mics for TV news show

Date Updated: August 31, 2017 FAQ #1583
I'm the production manager at as TV station. I'm in the process of upgrading our current audio situation and had a question. We do 4-anchor newscasts in a studio that's doesn't really have the greatest acoustics. I'd like to purchase new lavs for the set and was wondering if you have a suggestion as to which type would be best as far as cardioid, super-cardioid etc. and if you had a specific one you would recommend. Any thoughts would be most helpful.

Stay with omni lavs, like the SM93 or MX150. Please read: Why should I use an omnidirectional microphone?
And use an automatic mixer, like the Shure SMC810 or SCM410.  An automixer will likely help more with the poor acoustics than directional lavs. Why Use Shure Automatic Mixers?