KSM44A vs. KSM44: What are the differences?

Date Updated: October 30, 2015 FAQ #3703
What is the difference between the KSM44A and the KSM44?

The KSM44A was introduced in July 2010.  Here are the primary differences:

  1. The KSM44A has a lower noise floor: 3 dB less in Cardioid pattern; 4 dB less in Omni pattern; 2.5 dB less in Bidirectional pattern.

  2. The KSM44A maximum output level before clipping is 2 dB greater into a 2,500 ohm load, and 5 dB greater into a 1,000 ohm load.

  3. Depending upon the directional pattern selected, the KSM44A dynamic range is 4 to 6 dB better into a 2,500 ohm load, and 7 to 9 dB better into a 1,000 ohm load.

  4. The KSM44A "Cristal" finish is not as dark as the KSM44 "Champagne" finish.

  5. The KSM44A shock mount (A44ASM) and the KSM44A stand mount (A44AM) have the lighter "Cristal" finish.  Both mounts have the locking feature that secures the KSM44A mic to the mount.

  6. The KSM44A is supplied with an extra set of elastic bands (RK383) for the A44ASM shock mount.

  7. KSM44A frequency response and timbral quality are the the same as the KSM44.

Like the KSM44, the KSM44A is supplied with a shock mount (A44ASM), a stand mount (A44AM), a velveteen storage pouch (A44AVB), and an aluminum carrying case (A44ASC).