KSM32 sounds thin when used a few feet away

Date Updated: September 10, 2019 FAQ #817
My wife and I tried to boost the gain on the KSM32 so that the mike would pick up my voice, my guitar and her mandolin "live" from a few feet away. The result was thin and "tinny." Is this mike designed only for close-proximity or can it be used effectively at a distance?Running the KSM32 through the Presonus VXP into SAW 32 Plus.

The "warmth" you hear when using the KSM32 up close is called proximity effect. It is a natural characteristic of directional microphones. Most people like this warmth, but it means the mic must be used quite close to the performer.
Omnidirectional mics do not have proximity effect and sound the same when used up close or at a distance. The KSM44 mic has selectable patterns so you can have proximity effect or not.
See the following link for more details:

Microphone Techniques for Music - Studio Recording