KSE1500 Overview

Date Updated: February 11, 2016 FAQ #4853
Please provide an overview of the KSE1500.

The KSE1500 Electrostatic Earphone System is an electrostatic Sound Isolating™ earphone and amplifier system with digital-to-analog-conversion (DAC) for use in-line with portable media players. Featuring single-driver electrostatic earphones matched to a USB digital-to-analog-converter (DAC) and featuring up to 24 bit/ 96 kHz conversion rate, customizable 4-band parametric EQ with five standard and 4 user-defined settings, rechargeability and input level meters. Process digital audio directly via micro-USB, analog via a direct line in, or bypass entirely for a pure analog signal without conversion.
• The first application of electrostatic technology for Sound Isolating Earphones (patent pending) featuring a single MicroDriver design
• Extremely high correlation to the source audio provides audio clarity and detail
• 4-band parametric EQ features five preset settings and four customizable settings to manage audio playback preferences
• Integrated USB-rechargeable battery can charge from provided wall charger or computer, even when streaming USB audio from computer
• Lightweight, ergonomic earphone shape minimizes ear fatigue while comfortable Sound Isolating sleeves block up to 37 dB of ambient noise
• Custom-designed earphone cable specifically isolates each conductor
• Streamlined controls for user-friendly navigation throughout the KSE1500 settings
• Compatible with Mac, PC, iOS and Android devices using included accessories: Micro-B to Lightning™ and Micro-B OTG cables
• Premium Shure fit, finish, and construction featuring a machined black aluminum housing