How to insert and wear Shure SE earphones

How to insert and wear Shure SE earphones

Date Updated: September 14, 2017 FAQ #4028
How are Shure earphones supposed to be worn in the ear? Does the cable point down?

These photos demonstrate the recommended way to wear the SE earphones.
First, bend the cable near the earphone into a shape that will work as a "hook" to go around the top of the ear. It is best to make sure that bend is there before inserting the earphones, as it is more difficult to create the bend once the earphones are in the ear.

Earphones on ear

Second, note how the earphone sits in the ear.  When inserted properly, the "SHURE" logo can be read correctly and the cable bend will go up and over to the top of the ear. (Front to back).  Once the cable "hook" is routed properly over the ear, the remainder of the cable may be routed down in front of the body or down the back.



Here is a video on this subject: