How do I connect an Audio Technica ATM35 to a Shure bodypack?

Date Updated: February 2, 2012 FAQ #315
How do I connect an Audio Technica ATM35 to the TA4 connector on a Shure bodypack?

Connecting Audio Technica’s ATM35 microphone to any Shure bodypack transmitter with a Switchcraft TA4M input connector (shown below.)
To make this modification it is necessary to remove the connector or power module attached to the microphone cable. This will require disassembling the connector or power module and unsoldering the attached cable or simply cutting off the cable at the strain relief. Once this is accomplished, the following color codes configuration can be applied to equip the exposed cable with a Switchcraft TA4F connector for mating with the Shure wireless transmitter.




Red wire (s)


Pin 2

Yellow wire (s)


Pin 3 and Pin 4



Pin 1

The mating connector for the Shure wireless transmitters is a Switchcraft TA4F. This connector is available from the Shure Service Department at 800-516-2525 as part number WA330.
The connector can also be purchased from Mouser Electronics at 800-346-6873.



Transmitter View

PIN 1 = cable shield / audio return / bias return
PIN 2 = +5V DC Bias
PIN 3 = audio input for dynamic mics or instruments
PIN 4 = 20K Ohms resistor to ground jumpered to pin 3 for condenser mics