How do I connect an AKG C410/B or C407/B to a Shure bodypack?

Date Updated: August 4, 2017 FAQ #312
How do I connect any of the following AKG microphones to the TA4M connector on a Shure wireless bodypack?C401C409C417/BC401/BC409/BC418C402C410/BC418/BC402/BCK410C419C406C411C419/BC406/BC411/BC420C407/BC416C420/BC408C416/BC408/BC417

The above AKG microphone models can be connected to any Shure bodypack transmitter with a Switchcraft TA4M input connector (shown below.) These are positive bias models.


  • The resistor and capacitor should fit inside of the TA4F

  • The jumper is required between Pin 3 and Pin 4 to set the correct input impedance (20kohms).

  • The mating connector for the Shure wireless transmitters is a Switchcraft TA4F. This connector is available from the Shure Service Department at 800-516-2525 as part number WA330.

  • The connector, capacitor and resistor can be purchased from Mouser Electronics (no minimum order) at 1-800-346-6873. The parts are also available from Newark Electronics (800-463-9275). Newark identifies these parts as follows:
    capacitor: Stock # 65F2327, Type 336X9010B2
    resistor: Stock # 91F4531, Type NCF25J153TR

Note: There are two negative bias AKG models (C407 and C410) which require a different wiring scheme.



Transmitter View

PIN 1 = cable shield / audio return / bias return
PIN 2 = +5V DC Bias
PIN 3 = audio input for dynamic mics or instruments
PIN 4 = 20K Ohms resistor to ground jumpered to pin 3 for condenser mics