GLXD Firmware update failed

Date Updated: October 11, 2018 FAQ #4964
GLXD Firmware update failed

It is possible that the firmware update for a GLXD transmitter or receiver can fail due to a "corrupt device." The process listed below should resolve this.
Example error message:
"Failed to install primary firmware to GLX-RXPedal-54134036-WRU Device is on golden FPGA, please call support"
To correct this issue you will need to:

  1. Connect GLXD component to computer via USB

  2. Power off GLXD component (if not already off)

  3. Open Shure Update Utility

  4. Hold down link button and turn GLXD component on.

  5. Unit reboots

  6. Update utility will then recognize GLXD as a corrupt device and give you the option to repair it:

  7. Click on repair corrupt device button

  8. Shure Update Utility will recognize the GLXD unit

  9. Select the GLXD component and perform update again