GLX-D firmware update

Date Updated: May 23, 2019 FAQ #4931
How do I update the firmware on my GLXD system?

If the blue rf light is blinking and there is no audio you will need to update your components to the latest firmware.

  1. Download the Shure Update Utility from the Shure web site.

  2. Install the Shure Update Utility and open the Shure Update Utility.
    Click on the "Tools" menu at the top of the screen.
    Select "Check for Updates."
    Select the "Firmware" tab and confirm the version or later is listed for GLX-D wireless components.

  3. Using the USB to Micro USB cable supplied with your GLX-D system, connect your GLX-D receiver to your computer.

    1. On the GLXD4 receiver the Micro USB plug is located on the right side of the rear panel. Indicated below # 13.

    2. On the GLXD6 receiver the Micro USB port is located next to the audio output jack. Indicated below # 4.

  4. If your receiver is not already powered on, power on your receiver. You will see this:

  5. Click the "SEND UPDATES..." button to send the latest firmware to your receiver. After about 2 minutes you will receive this message:

  6. Close this window and repeat steps 3 - 5 above for your GLX-D transmitter.

    1. On the GLXD2 handheld microphone, unscrew the bottom half of the handle to expose the Micro USB connector. Indicated below # 5.

    2. On the GLXD1 bodypack transmitter open the rubber flap on the side of the transmitter to expose the Micro USB connector. Indicated below #5.

  7. Turn on your receiver and transmitter and wait a few seconds for the two to link.
  8. Now both of your components are using the latest firmware and should function normally.
  9. If you require further assistance please search our FAQ database or contact your local Shure service center.