Gaming headset for PC/PS4/XBOX

Date Updated: April 12, 2018 FAQ #5467
Does Shure have any gaming audio or gaming specific headset solutions for PC/PS4/XBOX? If not, what can I use by Shure to get better audio for my gaming?

While Shure does not offer "gaming specific" products, we do have a few gamers within the company who have tested some our products out that provide clear, great sounding audio solutions for gaming that vary in style and features and can fit within a variety of price ranges. Whether you are looking for a desktop microphone to use with earphones or headphones or a broadcast-style headset microphone, we have plenty of options for your needs. (Please note, that these solutions utilize the USB connection on your PC or gaming console. There may be other options which will work with your gaming equipment, but this article is meant to be an overview of how Shure products can used for gaming equipment currently available.)

We'll start things off by recommending our Shure MV5 + SRH240A headphones or SE112-GR earphones. Since the MV5 is a directional desktop/stand-mounted microphone, you can position the microphone in good spot to help pick up your voice clearly, and the polar pattern of the mic will help to reject some of the ambient noise around you. Combine that with a pair of the SRH240A studio headphones and you'll get a clean stereo image of the environment you're playing in. If you want more isolation from hearing ambient noise, try a pair of our SE112 earphones. When using the supplied memory foam sleeves, you can get up to 37 dB of isolation, so you'll be able to focus in on your gaming and not get distracted from other noise.

(Other SE earphone, SRH headphone models or any 3.5mm headphone/earphone models are compatible with the MV5 in this setup as well.)

For a more versatile solution for the microphone involved in your setup, take a look at the Shure MV51 and the SE215 or any other SE model earphone or SRH headphone. The MV51 microphone easily can be directly mounted to a desk stand, so positioning it on a small desktop boom-stand is great feature to take advantage of – this places the mic closer to you so there's no need to shout over the action of your gaming.

Additionally, with the built-in presets on the MV51, you can tailor sound of the mic to suit your needs. We would suggest experimenting with the presets to see which one you like best (the flat, speech, or singing presets would likely meet your needs).

If you're looking for even more versatility, we would suggest taking a look at our MVi Motiv Interface, as it allows you to use any microphone with an XLR connector fitted to it and is compatible with any headphone or earphone with a 3.5mm connection. When connected to a computer or console, the MVi provides 48V+ Phantom Power, so condenser mics can be used as well! You can achieve great results using a PGA58 microphone and the SRH240A headphones (good), a SM58 and a pair of SE315s (better), or expand your options to any of our other microphone and listening products.

Lastly, if you wanted to utilize one of our broadcast style headsets, we would suggest using our BRH50M headset microphone, our MVi interface and a quarter-inch female TRS to male 3.5mm TRS adapter (for the headphone return. (Since the MVi only has a 3.5mm headphone output, you'll need the previously mentioned adapter as the BRH50M only features a ¼" headphone connector. You can find a compatible adapter online. )

The BRH50M features a detailed sounding supercardioid microphone element, which helps to reject quite a bit of ambient noise and provides a balanced, full sound for your voice. The headphones are very comfortable to wear and provide a nice amount of isolation as well. This mic is commonly used in noisy broadcast environments (NFL, NBA games and post-game broadcasts) and has been tested under tense (and fairly animated) gaming conditions.