FP16A discontinuation and replacement

Date Updated: February 21, 2018 FAQ #3369
When was the FP16A audio distribution amp discontinued? What can I use in its place?

The Shure FP16A was discontinued in autumn 2007; all remaining inventory was depleted by December 2007.
The final U.S. retail price for the FP16A was $684.22. The FP16A rack mount kit, A16R, was $37.13.
The FP16 was introduced in 1985 at a U.S. retail price of $350. The FP16A replaced the FP16 (features remained the same; Shure changed to a different supplier) in 1989 and had a U.S. retail price of $570.

Below are products similar to the FP16A:

Rane model DA216S 1x16 monaural; can be also configured as a stereo unit

Kramer Electronics model VM-1110XL - 1x10 monaural (or 2x5 stereo) Distribution Amplifier

Kramer Electronics model VM-1120XL - 2x10 stereo (or 1x20 monaural) Distribution Amplifier

Aphex model 120A - 1x4 Distribution Amplifier

RDL (Radio Design Labs) model RU-MLDT4 - 1x4 monaural Distribution Amplifier

RDL (Radio Design Labs) model RU-MLDT4/T - 1x4 monaural Distribution Amplifier (w/output transformers)

RDL (Radio Design Labs) model RU-DA4D - 1x8 monaural or 2x4 stereo Distribution Amplifier (w/screw terminals)

RDL (Radio Design Labs) model ST-DA3 - 1x3 monaural Distribution Amplifier (w/screw terminals)

Rolls model RA143 - 4x2 stereo Distribution Amplifier

Switchcraft model RMAS8 - 8x24 Mic/Line Distribution Splitter