Drumming with In Ear Headphones - How to secure the cable

Date Updated: July 3, 2008 FAQ #3437
I have a pair of the Shure E2C in ear phones.  I use them when I perform live and at rehearsal.  I am a drummer who plugs the in ear phones into a metronome so I can always stay on time.  However I play shirtless, and have had a problem as of late with my back getting sweaty, the the cord sticking to my back and then tugging the in ear phones out of my ears mid set.  I am constantly moving and rocking my head when we perform, so the minute my back gets some sweat on it, the cord tugs and the ear phones pull out.  Any thoughts or ideas on what I could do?  Any help would be appreciated.

Have the earbud cables go up and over your outer ear.  The cable will drape downward along the back of ear.  Secure the cable to your neck, below your ear,  using clear, waterproof medical tape - available at a drug store. 3M makes a good tape; it is used to secure cable onto actors in the theater.  The cable will now be anchored by the tape and by the draping over your ears.