Does the Beta 98D/S eliminate cymbal bleed?

Date Updated: August 23, 2017 FAQ #57
I am thinking about purchasing a few of these mics for recording my drumkit. It says on Shure's website that the capsule for the mic is supercardioid, so does it eliminate a lot of cymbal bleed into the mic because of this pattern? Also it comes with an Inline Preamp. Does this mean I can't use other pre amps with this mic? Is there a way to by-pass the pre amp that comes with this mic. Or does it sound so good that I'll never have to drag out the ole' Neve preamps?

The Beta 98D/S will reduce the amount of cymbal bleed due to the supercardioid pattern.
The inline "preamp" actually is a misnomer. Condenser microphones have circuitry either internal like our Beta 87A or PGA81 and sometimes its external to allow the microphone to be small. While in some instances there is a little amplification in the "preamp" section of the microphone, its main purpose is to adapt the high impedance unbalanced signal from the microphone element to a low impedance balanced signal output that can handle phantom power from the mixing board.
You will still need "mic preamps", so keep the Neve's.