Disqualified Network Switches for Shure Dante Devices

Date Updated: January 22, 2019 FAQ #5458
Are there any network switches that Shure knows do NOT work well with Shure network products, such as the MXW, MXA310 or MXA910?

In addition to the network switches mentioned in Audinate's "list of incompatible, unmanaged switches with Energy Efficient Ethernet," the following switches are not compatible with Shure Dante enabled devices.


All ProSafe unmanaged switches, including but not limited to:
FS105, 108, 108P, 116, and 116P
JFS516, 524
GS105, 108, 110, 116, MX, E and PE models
JGS516, 524, E and PE models
GSS108, 116, E and EPP models
GS and FS305, 308, 316, 324, 605NA, 750E

*This is not an exhaustive list. Switch models and firmware updates occur frequently.

We strongly recommend using Gigabit Ethernet Managed Switches. For example: Cisco SG250/350 series, or D-Link DGS-1210 switches. Unmanaged switches with EEE or Green Energy Efficient Ethernet should not be used for Dante networks.

For questions please contact Shure Applications Engineering.

For further information on Dante and networking best practices please visit: https://www.audinate.com/resources/networks-switches.

These recommendations are for the MXA910, MXA310, ANI22, ANI4IN, ANI4OUT, MXWAPT8, MXWAPT4, MXWANI4, MXWANI8, P300, ULXD4D, ULXD4Q, AD4D, AD4Q and other Shure Dante Products.