Discontinuation of the V15VxMR cartridge and VN5xMR stylus

Date Updated: August 25, 2017 FAQ #3014

November 2004 - Shure regretfully announces discontinuation of our V15VxMR phonograph cartridge due to scarcity of exotic materials essential in the manufacturing of the VN5xMR stylus. These materials are increasingly difficult to obtain, and any substitutions for those materials would compromise the performance standards expected of the V15VxMR.
As an example, Shure can no longer procure beryllium stylus shanks. The beryllium shank is a key performance component in the V15VxMR design. Any substitution for this stylus shank design will compromise the performance standards of the V15VxMR. Shure's sole supplier of V15VxMR beryllium shanks has discontinued production. Sadly, no other supplier has the manufacturing process to create a shank suitable for the V15VxMR.
Stylus retipping information
Dealer that might still have styli inventory
We apologize for any inconvenience that this product discontinuation may cause.