DDS 5900 Switch Overlays for DeskTop Units

Date Updated: April 18, 2019 FAQ #4266
Please show photos of the four plastic overlays that are used on the DDS 5900 desk top (delegate) units.

Top : Delegate Unit - Speak with Mic Mute
Second: Delegate Unit - Speak without Mic Mute
Third: Chairman Unit.  NOTE: there is a variation of this overlay.  "Del. Off" is replaced by three symbols, indicating three delegates, with a diagonal line on top of the symbols.
Bottom: Interpreter / Translator Unit
* NOTE: Each overlay is supplied with an adhesive backing.  Once an overlay has been removed from a desk top unit, it cannot be reused.
As of March 2013, the second overlay below may be purchased as a package of ten from Shure Parts.  The model number is DC 5980 P ACC-DM