Custom made styli or stylus re-tipping

Date Updated: October 23, 2017 FAQ #2271
Does Shure or any company offer a service to make custom made styli or re-tip styli?

Shure does not, but here are two sources that do:

Expert Stylus Company
Omega House
50 Harriotts Lane
Surrey KY 21 2QB
United Kingdom
Telephone: +44-(0)-1372-276604
Fax: +44-(0)-1372-276147
No email or website is available.
"The Expert Stylus Company manufactures the largest range of diamond and sapphire styli in the world with over 100 different profiles to suit all periods of cylinder, shellac, and vinyl recording. We also offer a stylus re-tipping service for all makes of magnetic and moving coil cartridges."

Van den Hul in the Netherlands